Privacy Policy

Our company operates with the utmost care to protect personal informations by clarifying the following privacy policy so that our customers can use the service with ease.

1.Definition of Personal Information

Personal information is the information about an existing individual (such as Name,Date of birth,and other distinguishable informations of an individual)as prescribed in the Act of the Protection of Personal Information.And also our company is aware that Mail address,User ID,Password,Credit card informations,hobbies,family structure,Age etc and all other informations connected with an individual are the attribute informations.

2.Cookies and IP address informations

For IP address informations and cookies,since an individual cannot be distinguished they are not considered as Personal informations.Our company may use cookies to improve the convenience of our customers,if cookie has been refused then normally a part of the service may not be available.You can choose to use the cookie or you can refuse while setting the browser and also warnings can be displayed when you receive a cookie.

3.Collection and Use of Personal Information

On collection of Personal Informations,Our company clearly specifies about the purpose of it`s use.Our company uses the Personal informations for the following purposes.In case of using the informations besides these purposes,we will ask for your permission individually.

  1. For smoothness in services such as providing informations,
  2. For grasping the opinion and condition of use related to the company,
  3. For sending the Gifts and reward to the customer,

4.Management of the Personal Informations

Our company manages the Personal Informations under a safe environment so that it is inaccessible to the General Users.We will not disclose or leak the informations to the third party without your prior acceptance except in following cases:

  1. In case our company concludes that you have caused disadvantage to a third party and is disclosed to the police or the third party,
  2. If we are asked by Public Prosecuter`s Office,Court,Police,Lawyers,or consumer information center to disclose your informations,
  3. If there is a need to disclose the informations in order to protect our rights and property.Again,if we need to explain about our services to the cooperative enterprises or any other third parties.Also if the disclosure of our statistical information is required for any Legal purpose.However, there are no any distinguishable informations about our customers are included in the statistical information.

5.Safety management of the Personal Information and Staff supervision

In order to prevent inappropriate disclosure and leakage or any other damages to the Personal Informations,we make necessary and proper supervision of staffs.

6.Supervision of the consignee

In case of consigning partial or entire handling of personal informations to the consignee,we ask for the conclusion of the contract which includes confidentiality so that safety management of personal informations can be achieved at the consignee and make necessary and proper supervision.

7.Disclosure,Correction and Deletion of Personal Information

Please apply through mail,inquiry form, or phone if you want to disclose,correct or delete the registered Personal Informations to our company.

8.Change of utilization purpose of Personal Information

Our company does not perform the change in the purpose of use of Personal Informations, beyond the extent allowed reasonably having relevant correspondence with the purpose before the change.The changes in the purpose will be published.

9.Privacy on the Internet

If you voluntarily disclose personal informations on the internet,then there might be chances that it is collected and used by the third party.As the internet is accessible to everyone,on the basis of the informations posted on it,there is a possibility of getting undesirable messages.

10.User Survey

Our company collects and investigates the number of customers accessed through the Website.This survey is done only for the editorial policy of the future,So we do not get other informations rather than the collected numbers by statistical processing.In addition,it is done for the ease of use to everyone and fulfillment of the service.


If you have any questions regarding the management of Personal Informations,please send it through the Form here.(Japanese)

Contact form (Japanese)